About Us

SaveLIFE Foundation USA is a New York non-profit entity focused on improving road safety and emergency medical care globally, especially in developing countries. As part of its initiatives SaveLIFE Foundation USA will aim to develop community-driven emergency medical response, or bystander care, to assist road crash victims in developing countries that lack effective Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to bring urgent care to injured victims.

In communities where formal emergency medical services are absent, police and bystanders can play a crucial role in saving lives. They can be trained to become medical first responders to injured persons. SaveLIFE Foundation USA therefore aims to build a community-based chain of survival for injured persons by coordinating, linking, and training those already best-positioned -- police officers and citizen volunteers -- to provide that care.

Disclaimer: SaveLIFE Foundation USA has a special relationship with SaveLIFE Foundation ("SLF"), a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in India, although such special relationship does not arise by virtue of any control as the majority of SaveLIFE Foundation USA’s board members are independent of, and have no relationship to, SLF.