Activities & Programs

The SaveLIFE Fellowship

According to the World Health Organization, "Bystanders are often present when an injury occurs or they quickly reach the scene. The first minutes after a serious injury occurs represent a window of time during which potentially life-saving measures can be initiated, such as opening an obstructed airway, assisting breathing and applying direct pressure to a wound to reduce external bleeding. The likelihood that an injured individual will live or die depends on the timeliness of these actions. The odds of survival may be greatly enhanced if bystanders promptly initiate first aid."

SaveLIFE Foundation USA will soon award fellowships for the purpose of empowering motivated individuals to build a "chain of survival" in their countries/communities that lack adequate EMS systems. In addition to financial support, fellowship recipients will receive mentorship and training on how to implement and adapt the community-driven medical response model to the individual’s particular community.

The fellowship is open to applicants from around the world, but SaveLIFE Foundation USA anticipates that the fellowship program's initial efforts will be focused on countries in Africa and India.

In the near future, SaveLIFE Foundation USA plans to institute an award program to highlight and reward outstanding efforts to develop and implement community-driven emergency medical responses in developing countries.

Database of Best Practices for Emergency Medical Response to Road Crashes

SaveLIFE Foundation USA is actively seeking out and entering into knowledge-exchange partnerships with hospitals and research institutions in the United States for the purpose of identifying best practices in developing and implementing community-driven emergency medical responses.

These will then be collated into a database of best practices and distributed for use by communities building their chain of survival programs.

To partner with us, write to us at

Promoting Safe Road-User Behavior

In 2012, over 1.2 Million people were killed in road crashes across the world. SaveLIFE Foundation USA is developing and implementing programs to promote safe driving behavior across developing countries, which bear the maximum brunt of the problem. These programs include awareness campaigns to reduce drink-driving, texting and driving, and driving without adequate safety measures such as helmets and seat-belts.

Providing Support and Volunteer Opportunities to US Citizens

SaveLIFE Foundation USA provides volunteer opportunities to US citizens. These opportunities entail working with SaveLIFE Fellows in developing countries and helping them build capacity and strategic partnerships. To volunteer with SaveLIFE Foundation USA, please write to